Note to self: don’t sleep with contacts in

You know it’s been an extremely long week when it’s finally sunny and nice out, and hubby, myself and Kaiden all had over 2 hour naps. I feel like I could keep sleeping until tomorrow morning. Kaiden is being difficult to wake up.

Mon- father in law and two aunts come from NB, we met them at my nieces soccer game, Kaiden fell asleep in the car on the way home

Tues- we drove to my brother in laws house and hung out with the family plus some cousins and friends. Kaiden fell asleep on the way home

Wed- family came to our place to stay the night and we went bumming around down town in the little shops. We went out for supper and (you guessed it) Kaiden fell asleep on the way home…at 7:00 I thought we were in trouble but he stayed asleep until 2:30 and then after a quick snuggle fell bak asleep until 7.

Thurs- went to the market and had a tiring day. Kaiden ended up staying up until midnight because everyone stayed here again (including his cousin).

Fri- packed up and headed to Niagara Falls for the day. Walked around a lot. Kaiden fell asleep on the way home.

Sat - we had a wedding to attend so we dropped Kaiden at my parents’ place. It was raining and gross and we left early (outdoor wedding/reception). Kaiden fell asleep on the way home and transferred right to bed. He only woke up once and slept until 7:40.

We are all exhausted. A few more days of relaxing then it’s full fledge school prep time.

Anyone with Vegetable Garden Knowledge…I need your help!!

I have a mole…or a vole apparently. It’s eating my pea plants and my potatoes.

I don’t really want to kill the thing(s) but I want to enjoy the vegetables too.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

19th birthday = was at the bar until close and could barely walk because I drank so much

20th and 21st = pretty much like 19, different bars and different people

22nd-24th - went out dancing, a few drinks, home at a reasonable time

25th- we were on our honeymoon in Cuba. We actually forgot it was my birthday until dinner time as we had a shot of crazy strong alcohol

26th-29th = BBQ or dinner out, couple of drinks/glass of wine (except for my 27th when I was pregnant with Kaiden)

30th birthday = Chinese food and dessert, cartoons in our pjs and in bed by 10pm with a heating pad on my sore shoulder

Wow…times have sure changed, but I wouldn’t change it for a minute (except for my shoulder hurting still after 3 days)!

My last few hours in my 20s….

2014-2015 school year

I’m teaching Kindergarten in September. Oh boy!

bujnik I saw this and thought of you.

bujnik I saw this and thought of you.

Points for Today

Today 18C feels like 20C, tomorrow -1 feels like -4 with snow. What. The. F*#% Mother Nature is on some serious drugs.

Kaiden threw up again last night and he has a fever. I’m staying home today. I think it’s teething again. This is what happened with the first eye tooth he got a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping at least. I want to take him to see his great grandma this week but won’t be able to if he’s sick.

My grandma is apparently not in congestive heart failure like they originally thought. (Good). But they have really no idea what’s going on (Bad). They’ve had a lung specialist check things out, done a CT scan, and all sorts of other tests. Nothing is showing up, no blood clots, no masses, no nothing. (Great). But she’s having a hard time breathing still and not eating, although my mom did say to her “if you don’t eat, they’re putting a feeding tube in” and that got her to eat a little for the first time in three days.

Thank you for all the good thoughts.

I just found out that a 4th friend in our baby group is pregnant again. One had her second in sept, one in dec, one is due next month and this one is due sept. My turn soon? Lol we will see

My parents are leaving for the UK for 3 1/2 weeks at the beginning of May. I hope my grandma doesn’t pass away when they’re gone because then I am the one they call about everything. (I mean I hope she doesn’t pass at all right now but ya)

Oh Monday, how did you get here so quickly?!?

They think my grandma might be going into congestive heart failure.

Oxygen levels are super low, she won’t eat anything at the hospital.


We have a deck again…and you can see grass. It’s a miracle, especially remembering how much snow we got this year lol

It was +10 today. Sunny and spring like. Windows down in the car and open at home. Tshirt. No hats/mittens. It was amazing.

It was +10 today. Sunny and spring like. Windows down in the car and open at home. Tshirt. No hats/mittens. It was amazing.

Kaiden’s selfies before bed last night. What a funny boy.

Just past 8am on a Sunday…

And I’ve already cleaned the kitchen and have a load of laundry in. Life with an early riser…

Life pre-child I would still be sleeping now. I am used to waking up, but am still catching up on lost sleep these past 2.5 years.

Toddlers at a funeral

My great aunt passed away this morning (the one I mentioned a few days ago). That’s two people in 8 days. Do I take Kaiden to the funeral? There’s no visitation and the funeral is out if town on Tuesday. Hubby will be working. Daycare is an option, but I don’t know what time I will be home for pick up and hubby’s car is broken so he can’t pick up.

About The Student Suspended For Shaving Her Head To Support A Friend With Cancer


Eleven-year-old Delaney Clements is fighting cancer. When she was only seven years old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Delaney, according to news reports, is very sick.

One in 300 boys and one in 333 girls under age 20 will develop cancer. But those numbers don’t really matter in this particular story. What matters is Delaney.

To her family and her friends, Delaney isn’t 1 in 333 girls. She is one in a million.

Because of chemo, Delaney lost her hair. I do not know Delaney. And I don’t want to pretend that I know what losing her hair means to her. But I’m going to guess that it’s been horrible. Cancer is hell; and losing your hair is hard.

Delaney has a friend named Kamryn Renfro who is in third grade. And Kamryn, who is only in the third grade, did something truly beautiful and brave. She shaved her head this past weekend. She shaved her head to show Delaney, who is fighting for her life, that she isn’t alone.

I said I don’t know Delaney, and I don’t know Kamyrn either – but I think she’s an incredible little girl. When I was in third grade, I cared a lot about “fitting in” with the other kids. I wanted to look as much like everyone else as I could. Wanting to fit in is probably pretty common for third-grade girls. But, Kamryn did the opposite. She stood out. And she stood out for one reason: for Delaney.

The story, even if it stopped here, is enough to make news. A third-grade girl shaved her head to support her dear friend who fights cancer. Because Kamryn demonstrates such tremendous kindness and compassion at such a young age, shaving her head is enough to make a few headlines.

But Kamryn did not make the news in the last few days simply because she shaved her head. Kamryn made the news because shaving her head got her suspended from school.

Kamryn shaved her head over the weekend to support Delaney. And when she got to school on Monday, she wasn’t allowed inside.

The third-grader was suspended because she VIOLATED HER SCHOOL’S DRESS CODE by shaving her head in solidarity with a friend who fights cancer.

There is a strict dress code at Caprock Academy, Kamryn’s state-affiliated, tuition-free, public charter school in Grand Junction, Colorado.

"Caprock Academy does have a detailed dress code policy, which was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school’s students,” said Catherine Norton Breman, president and chair of the school’s board of directors, in a statement. “Under this policy, shaved heads are not permitted."

The website for Caprock Academy is currently down. But according to Google’s cache of the page from earlier this week, the dress code is, as Breman said, very detailed.

“Ladies’ Hair: Should be neatly combed or styled. No shaved heads. Hair accessories must be red, white, navy, black or brown. Neat barrettes, headbands and ‘scrunchies’ are permissible. Hair should not be arranged or colored so as to draw undue attention to the student. Hair must be natural looking and conservative in its color. Radical changes in hair color during the school year are unacceptable.”

I could write at length about why I strongly disagree with the Caprock Academy dress code. They say it promotes “safety” and “uniformity.” I say it blindly promotes conformity. And the peculiar language about “natural looking” hair truly concerns me. That said, today isn’t the day for me to outline my thoughts on dress codes – but I do want to point out that I am not against all dress codes at all schools all the time.

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THIS! I thought the same thing when I read about it. Thank you mammalingo for saying it so well!