So I’m slightly overwhelmed with trying to figure out what things need to be on the registry, and which items are not necessary but would be great.

Can anyone give me any suggestions? Please?

I’ve got a billion and one websites and just not sure what the heck I’m doing. I’m making my registry at babylist.com so it will be easy for people if they want to get us something, but the only crappy thing is that the items need to be online for that registry…so I think I might register at Babies R Us as well as you can register for items in store only.

On a different-ish note, yesterday we hit 17 weeks. I took a picture but again my hubby hasn’t uploaded them off his phone…I blame him for not having the past 3 weeks up. He doesn’t think I’ve gotten any bigger but friends and family that know I’m pregnant have all pointed out how they can notice a slight bump now. I will bug him to upload the pics soon…

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    Lucies list helped me more than anything else. Just Google it. Another woman on here recommended me. I’m 18 weeks now.
  2. icecreamwithallthetoppings said: cloth diapers if you wanna go cloth + gift certificates for cloth diaper cleaning services, ergo baby (unlike the baby bjorn it works past newborn weight)
  3. hawaiianmommy said: The swing needs to go forwards AND sideways. Boppy type pillow, easy little baby bed you can move from room to room or bouncer thing to set baby in wherever. You don’t need many bottles or pacifiers because they will have a fave so you can buy later
  4. bujnik said: You need a swing that has a power cord…no batteries. You need a bouncy recliner chair, and things that are versatile like a mini tub that fits on a counter or in the bath tub. And a supply of burp cloths and mini wash cloth/bath sets.
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