Baby Cereal

We’ve been giving Kaiden oat cereal for a week now…twice a day, mixed with whatever food we were giving him that day. And for the past week he’s not sleeping. He has been waking up every hour or 2…it’s ridiculous. So we’ve decided that we’re stopping the cereal. It’s giving him gas and we’re assuming that it’s gas pains keeping him up. So we’re done with it. We weren’t going to do it at all, and just give him meat (like the nutritionist said to do), but my doctor said he needed cereal…so we did it.

We’re on a waiting list to get a doctor in the town we live in, but I’m going to go see if I can talk to the doctor that delivered him and get in with someone…because my doctor is old and crappy. UGH!

6 Month Stats

I forgot to update Kaiden’s 6 month stats…we had his doctor appointment last Thursday and he’s 70.5cm long (27.7 inches), 14lbs 9 oz, and his head is 45.75cm (18 inches).

The doctor is worried about his weight apparently…he gained just over 2 lbs since his 4 month. He’s growing in every way, both physically and developmentally. So we have to go back in 2 months. Seriously? I mean I guess it’s better that he’s cautious…but he’s gaining weight at the same rate he always has been.

I’m going on a waiting list today for a doctor in my town…I want someone that I actually like…not somebody who is my doctor just because he’s been my doctor since I was little…he’s old and I don’t want him as Kaiden’s doctor.

6 Months Old


I can’t even believe it. You’re 6 months old today. 6 whole months. That’s half a year. Happy Half Birthday!

You are so amazing! This month’s update is a big one…I want to make sure to remember exactly how you were at 6 months. My little baby….*sighs*

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