Kaiden’s Weight

I weighed him tonight…completely forgot the past 2 days. Anyway, Kaiden only weighs 17.4lbs according to our scale. Last week when they weighed him at the hospital he was 18.1lbs….I know he didn’t really eat much for almost a week (other than breastmilk) but still…little man is light! He feels heavier than he used to…stupid scale! lol

10 Months Old


You are 10 months old today, and it’s making me sad to think that you’re already so close to being a year old.

You are the sweetest little boy, and you smile with your eyes which everyone seems to be commenting about lately.

You love giving big wet kisses and they’re awesome…you even give kisses to M during daycare…you two are so cute together! You dance when music is on, and always get a big smile on your face. You give high fives, clap anytime we say “yeaaaaah” or when we’re clapping, and say bye bye when you wave to people. You also say what sounds like “woooah” when you make a big noise with the toys.

You love spending time with your friends, and have started to “share” your toys with everyone, even mommy and daddy.

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Recap of the last 4 days

Wed: Kaiden started getting fussy around 6:30, more than usual. We thought it might have been because I gave him some smoothie, and it was his first time with real milk. But it soon became apparent that this was not the reason. He slept in our bed for most of the night because when he was in his crib he was up screaming. Around 8am hubby was finally able to go get a thermometer (we realized ours wasn’t working) so we knew Kaiden had a high temperature but weren’t sure how high.

Thurs: We realized his temperature was 103 so we tried some tylenol and it went down to 101, then it went up again. I called my daycare families around 6:30 and told them that it would be best for their kids not to come. We gave him tylenol/advil throughout the day and his temperature wasn’t dropping below 101, even with the meds. We tried a lukewarm bath, we tried a cool cloth, he wasn’t eating/drinking anything. So we took Kaiden to the ER around 4:30pm. Three hours later, after they gave him tylenol, another chest xray, advil (and almost kept him there because he was slightly dehydrated, thankfully before we left his temp went down a bit and he took the breat) we left the ER with an appointment booked with a pediatrician for Friday morning, and another prescription for antibiotics (AND a local family Doctor…wooohooo for that). We got the prescription, and went home. I had to call my daycare families and tell them that I couldn’t have their kids here Friday, as they were afraid Kaiden had pneumonia and it was contagious. Thankfully they were very understanding. Kaiden stayed in the bed with us all night again, and as cute as it was, it sucked because he is sick (and burning up).

Friday: Both hubby and I barely slept, and I started to get sick…lack of sleep :( Kaiden’s temp was still high, and he wasn’t eating or drinking much because of it AND he was stuffed up, therefore couldn’t latch on to the breast. We had the pediatrician appointment and she said that she was almost sure that Kaiden did not have pneumonia (Thankfully!), she was sure it was just an infection and that we didn’t need to continue giving him the antibiotics as it was a strong one which gnerally gives a tummy ache. We took him home and were very thankful for that. Kaiden was still snuggly and his temp fluctuated, but overall he was more himself as the day went on. Kaiden and I went to sleep at 8:30 and he slept with him bum on the bed and his upper body/head on me. It was so cute. We actually got more sleep which was nice.

Sat: Kaiden and I let hubby get some sleep (he got kicked out of the bed, literally throughout the night) and went downstairs. We snuggled on the couch and it was great. He still had a fever on and off through the day, but overall he was back to himself. He was snuggly, but still playful and talkative, and we even got some smiles. Kaiden started to latch on a lot more, and he was drinking a lot of water. He also had some frozen grapes, banana, and cheerios. Still no real food, but it was an improvement. We gave Kaiden a nice long bath tonight and he was playful in it and it was great to see. he had a slight fever (101F) but we’re hoping that’ll go away on its own. He actually went down in his crib so we’ll see how that goes. I think I’m going to bed soon just in case he wakes up and wont go back down again tonight.

These past 4 days have been exhausting. Tomorrow we’re heading to my parents’ for my mom’s birthday, so we’re hoping Kaiden feels better. It’ll be nice to get out.

Also…Kaiden is going to be 10 months old in a week…What. The. Hell!?!? Let the 1st Birthday party planning commence…oh wait I’ve already started that!

Kaiden’s sleep schedule

Alright I need advice. Kaiden normally goes to bed between 7-8pm which is great. We have a whole little routine that works well for us. But Kaiden hasn’t really slept through the night yet. Lately he has been waking up at around 11:30 then 2:30 then 5:30 then back to sleep until between 7-7:30. The odd night he skips that first wake, and likewise with the 5:30 one. Last week he woke up at 6 for three days. That sucked. There have been a few nights lately that he has woken up a lot more often, but we tried rice cereal again and we think that was why.

Anyway, when he wakes up the only thing that will calm him down is breast feeding him. We have tried singing, shushing, rocking, etc. and it doesn’t work. Heck, my hubby can’t calm him at all anymore at night.

We tried the CIO method one night and that was torture for everyone and I would never ever do it again.

I know it helps to put him down while he is still awake, and he generally rolls over and settles in when I put him in his crib. I try to delay going in for a min or 2 but the longer he cries, the more awake he gets and is therefore harder to get back to sleep. He normally naps pretty well for 1-2 hours twice a day (or only once if it’s longer). Oh we also think he is teething. We can actually see the little white outlines on the bottom two front teeth. So that doesn’t help our situation.

Help! I would really like to get more sleep… Especially since I’m opening a daycare in less than 2 weeks. Any advice would be great!?

8 Months (A Few Days Late)


8 months old…I can’t believe it. This month past week has been full of milestones for you. You started waving this past weekend while we were at grandma and grandpa’s and it it simply adorable! You pull yourself up on anyone and everything that is more than a foot tall, you try to walk on your own already and that’s just nuts. You started crawling on Saturday (the day before you turned 8 months), and you haven’t stopped, except to pull yourself up and walk around, since. You feed yourself finger foods, you have started eating chunkier food, not just the pureed stuff.

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Milestone Moment :)

Kaiden half kind of crawled today!!!! It was a 3/4 crawl actually…either way, he moved across the floor without rolling. AND I got it recorded on my new phone!! :D

*More about what’s been going on lately, tomorrow! :)

Kaiden Blister Update

The doctor we went to see at the clinic commented on how it looked like it should be painful, but Kaiden didn’t even flinch at all when it was getting poked and squeezed. The doctor gave us antibiotics…*sighs*

His blister is looking SO much better already. He’s got to take this gross smelling, sticky, pink antibiotic 4 times a day for 10 days. We’re 2 days in. We’re still putting polysporin and a bandaid on it, and therefore he’s got 1 sock on these days. While we were out walking/garage sale hunting yesterday morning everyone kept telling me that he lost a sock…nope he only ever had one on. They all looked at me funny. Anyway, the point is, I think his toe is getting better.

Kaiden’s Blister(s)

A couple weeks back Kaiden suddenly had a massive blister on his right big toe. It went away and came back and then went away again (for good this time I think). BUT, he got one on his left big toe and it looked all gross so I pricked it with a sanitized pin and it was all yellow and gross. We started putting a bandaid with polysporin on in and made him wear a sock (even though it was disgustingly hot out). It has healed over a bit, and I had to cut the loose skin off because it ripped in the tub when he attempted to stand. Now his whole toe is red. I’m worried he might have an infection….The blister is healed over, but his toe looks swollen. So looks like I’ll be taking him to the clinic today. Which means I have to drive 45min away, and I don’t feel like it. I could take him to the hospital in town, but then if it’s nothing I’ll feel stupid. Ugh!I hope it’s nothing, because I don’t want him to have to go on an antibiotic, but I need to know either way.

Little Man wants to do nothing but stand/walk everywhere. He can now pull himself up, and tries to use anything/everything around him to help him with that. What happened to crawling first?!?!

Baby Cereal

We’ve been giving Kaiden oat cereal for a week now…twice a day, mixed with whatever food we were giving him that day. And for the past week he’s not sleeping. He has been waking up every hour or 2…it’s ridiculous. So we’ve decided that we’re stopping the cereal. It’s giving him gas and we’re assuming that it’s gas pains keeping him up. So we’re done with it. We weren’t going to do it at all, and just give him meat (like the nutritionist said to do), but my doctor said he needed cereal…so we did it.

We’re on a waiting list to get a doctor in the town we live in, but I’m going to go see if I can talk to the doctor that delivered him and get in with someone…because my doctor is old and crappy. UGH!

6 Months Old


I can’t even believe it. You’re 6 months old today. 6 whole months. That’s half a year. Happy Half Birthday!

You are so amazing! This month’s update is a big one…I want to make sure to remember exactly how you were at 6 months. My little baby….*sighs*

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Solid Food…continued

Kaiden took a break from solid foods for almost a week because he was all raspy and we were slightly concerned that it might have been a food allergy. But it went away (and we’ll keep an eye for it when we try sweet potato or avocado again just in case).

Since then, he has had carrots, peas, and green beans. He loved the carrots, after the first try he loved the peas and the green beans are just mediocre at best. He eats solid food 3 times a day, and goes through a small jar of food in 2 days. He would probably eat more each time, but we want him to get used to it a little at a time.  He has his 6 month appointment on Thursday, so I kind of want to get the go ahead from our doctor (even though he’s really old school and is probably going to give me crap about not giving Kaiden cereals or any kind)

My mother thought it was weird not having Kaiden eat cereal first, but he loves his food so I don’t need to worry. And he’s getting his iron from the breastmilk still. I think she’s coming around…I hope.

My First Mother’s Day

Started off not so great, with Kaiden not sleeping well. He woke up at 11, 2, 4, 6, then I changed his diaper, fed him and he was being noisey and whatnot until about 7 so I woke up to give him his soother…and realized that he had leaked out of his diaper. Changed him, and brought him to see my hubby while I took his sheets out of the crib. I fed him a bit again and then hubby took Kaiden downstairs and let me sleep until 9. Then I was woken up with a smiley baby and breakfast in bed. There was so much food…pancakes, homefries, sausage, 2 eggs, toast and juice :) I didn’t finish it all but it was amazing!!

I got to relax for most of the day (even though I wanted to do a load of Kaiden’s laundry so I could wash his sheets), then we went for a walk, and hoped Kaiden would nap for a bit. He didn’t. Hubby gave me some flower cupcake things…(picture to come later)…instead of real flowers…so I could eat them! :D I also got an “IOU” for a rose bush, but he wants me to go pick it out. So we’re going to do that next weekend.

My parents came over around 4 and helped us put the cover back onto the gazebo thing, and then we had a fantastic dinner…pork roast, baked potato slices with cheese, corn on the cob, fresh buns, and a garden salad. Oh, and a glass of reisling. Soooooo good. Then we had the cupcakes, ice cream and nanaimo bars and tea for dessert.

It was a fantastic day!!! :D

4 Month Update

I can’t believe it, but Kaiden is going to be 4 months old on Thursday. He had his 4 month appointment yesterday and he is 67.5cm long (95%), which means he’s grown 3.5cm this month, and is 12lbs 7oz (10%) he gained 1oz under a pound this month. He is such a long boy. He got 2 needles and an oral dose of vaccine. He didn’t do too badly, but I guess the second needle had a little sting to it, and his face turned SO red. He calmed down faster than his 2 month ones and he fell asleep after I fed him. Poor little man. Today we’re just chillin at home, I decided not to take a job for today because I didn’t want to put that added stress on him.

Every time I work a half day he has a freak out still and cries to the point of hyperventilating. I don’t like putting him through that. I know I have to eventually, but he’s still my little baby and I can’t stand it.

This month:

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Happy Spring (A day late I know)

March 21

Yesterday was our last Baby Massage class. We tried to get a group picture of the babies…soooo freaking cute. Kaiden was chillin in the bumbo because he refused to lay down, and Aiden was trying to suck on Kaiden’s toe, Sebastian was eating the bumbo Kaiden was sitting, Nolan and Kaleb were just watching it all go down, and Rachel was sleeping in her car seat.

All of the moms were cracking up at how cute it all was.

Also, 2 days ago we noticed Kaiden had a rash on his belly, chest, and shoulders. We’re thinking it might be from the heat as I’ve been going for at least an hour walk every day and it’s been super hot lately. We have his 4 month appointment on Monday, so if it’s still there by then (hopefully it’s gone) I’ll have to ask our dr.