Baby Cereal

We’ve been giving Kaiden oat cereal for a week now…twice a day, mixed with whatever food we were giving him that day. And for the past week he’s not sleeping. He has been waking up every hour or 2…it’s ridiculous. So we’ve decided that we’re stopping the cereal. It’s giving him gas and we’re assuming that it’s gas pains keeping him up. So we’re done with it. We weren’t going to do it at all, and just give him meat (like the nutritionist said to do), but my doctor said he needed cereal…so we did it.

We’re on a waiting list to get a doctor in the town we live in, but I’m going to go see if I can talk to the doctor that delivered him and get in with someone…because my doctor is old and crappy. UGH!

Solid Food…continued

Kaiden took a break from solid foods for almost a week because he was all raspy and we were slightly concerned that it might have been a food allergy. But it went away (and we’ll keep an eye for it when we try sweet potato or avocado again just in case).

Since then, he has had carrots, peas, and green beans. He loved the carrots, after the first try he loved the peas and the green beans are just mediocre at best. He eats solid food 3 times a day, and goes through a small jar of food in 2 days. He would probably eat more each time, but we want him to get used to it a little at a time.  He has his 6 month appointment on Thursday, so I kind of want to get the go ahead from our doctor (even though he’s really old school and is probably going to give me crap about not giving Kaiden cereals or any kind)

My mother thought it was weird not having Kaiden eat cereal first, but he loves his food so I don’t need to worry. And he’s getting his iron from the breastmilk still. I think she’s coming around…I hope.

Solids Day 2

So instead of struggling with the avocado at dinner last night (Kaiden was in a bad mood because he refused to nap), we tried some sweet potato. I know you’re supposed to wait 3-5 days between new foods, but we decided to try anyway. Kaiden LOVED it!!! He ate 7 or 8 spoons of it for dinner. This morning he had another 5 or 6 spoons. He smiles between bites, and ‘helped’ pull the spoon to his mouth. SO impressed by my little man. So sweet potatos are a hit. Two more days of them, and we’ll be trying either banana or green beans.

Kaiden’s growing up so quickly. Man oh man!

Solid Food

Kaiden has his first solid food today. We were planning on waiting until his 6 month appointment and discuss things with our doctor…but he has been crazy active, sits on his own, and always wants to “stand/dance/walk” while holding our hands. He’s so freaking cute.

We tried avocado. He loved it. He had 4 big bites…I know that’s not a lot, but we were happy about it with being his first taste of real food and all. He didn’t spit any of it out, and smiled as he was going.

I can’t believe he’s almost 6 months old already…he’s growing so quickly. *sighs*